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Gus Dark was born in East Bali, on 21st July 1982, Summer time, He loves drawing, music, and movie. Since he was a kid he showing so much loves on art, make him well known in local area as the person you’ll have to meet when you need something to draw.
Studied Graphic in Modern School of Design Jogja where he meets some artists and got some influence from them, in art way. His dream is bigger than his head, as long as he got great computer, graphic software, a cup of coffee and music, you can be sure that he’s right on his track , Graphic designing ...
As cartoonist Gus draw his own cartoon character named “Mang Ogel”, this name was given by an editor and published in Newspaper, back in the days. you can check some of the cartoon at “”

In 2013 awarded (as marine awareness through environmental cartoons) for the Superstar Supporter Award by ROLE foundation, 2014 join the movement of Relawan Jokowi by sending his artwork to "Kolak Kotak", Call of duty at Peduli Sampah Jilid II Cartoon Exhibition Singaraja, show off at Cartoon exhibition Surabaya with Indonesian Cartoonist Community, 2nd Winner at Walhi (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup) Cartoon event, With Malang Cartoon Community join the movement "Menolak Lupa - tribute to Munir" cartoon exhibition. He is member of Pakarti (Persatuan Kartunis Indonesia) and participate in Indonesia World Record (MURI) " KARTUN KORUPSI TERBANYAK" with KPK, 2nd Winner Poster for Anti Corruption month held by KPK and participate in Indonesia World record " Komik Terpanjang" with 31 artists from all over Indonesia.  Attending Summer Festival 2.0 in Celukan Bawang, Buleleng, Bali-Green Peace Indonesia as Discussion trigger and giving workshop in creating Propaganda.

One of the founder of 'Seni Lawan Korupsi-Bali" community in 2015 that working side by side with KPK, Indonesian Corruption Watch and etc.

On 2019 Gus Dark create superheroine character comic for BASAbali ( called Luh Ayu Manik Mas and lead him to join workshop at Twitter Asia headquarter in Singapore (#CampaignsForChange).

Still he spreading some ideas and critics of his own point of view through art on social media and communities. Check out more at Darkade Propaganda :

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